The development of Anna^ mainly takes place in irc channel #frokostgruppen on If you have any suggestions or would like to help out, this is the place to go. Anna^ follows a simple roadmap, that is subject to change at any given time, when it is found nescessary to add, edit or delete something.

The first thing to do, if you want to give a hand or use the code, is to get the lates svn snapshot from our project site. The svn snapshot is pretty much always up-to-date, and a working version of the svn code can be found in #frokostgruppen, under the nickname "Anna^".

The versioning of Anna^ uses the x.yz syntax, where z marks a bugfix-release, y marks a bigger release. x means that we went insane and rewrote Anna^ in ada or cobol or something like that.


The roadmap (as from the the trunk/TODO file, revision 39):

Version 0.40:

  • Rewrite the bot to use POE and POE::Component::IRC (completed)
  • Basic authentication based on the database
  • Auto-op'ing of users
  • Optionally coloured output to the IRC channel

Version 0.50:

  • Command-line interface
  • Support for multiple channels
  • Support for multiple networks

Version 0.60:

  • Modularization

Future features with no specific version attachement:

  • Bugzilla-watching
  • Regexp-based expander
  • Trivia!!oneoneeleven
  • Math evaluation
  • Babelfish interaction
  • AniDB UDP interface
  • Flood protection
  • Spell checking

If you feel that you can help with any of this (or something else?) do drop in and chat with us. Don't be surprised if nobody answers, since most users in #frokostgruppen are bots anyway.